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What is Wonk?

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While the road she calls Home, the Wonk hails from KY & The Highlife, from Cincinnati, OH. Though, despite where they call 'home', all members are vagabonds and misfits in their own regard.

The Wonk has been playing tunes ever since Miami band, The Curious Hair, deemed her the 'Wonk' of her high school project, The Wonky Donkeys after finding them on this ancient thing called 'Myspace.'

Wonky Tonk has played with folks like Langhorne Slim, Jessica Lea Mayfield and Billy Prine. She toured with a Danish ukulele band through Europe and now, sometimes solo & others with Highlife in tow, in a little van named Loretta.

In 2017 Wonky Tonk was joined by a bodacious group of musicians who require 'practice juice' to create sweet, sweet tunes. They are The Highlife and they are handsome and kick ass.


       “With the directness of Loretta Lynn and Wanda Jackson while still being fresh like Nikki Lane.

                                                                                                                                 — The Firenote

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