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Wonky Tonk releases brand new music video. Check out "I Don't Mind" below!

"Out of Kentucky, multi-talented singer songwriter Jasmine Poole has released her new single/music video “I Don’t Mind”. Wonky Tonk being about 10 years in the making, Poole is constantly on the road touring spreading her music all around the United States with dedicated and unmatched artistic ability. Below we dive into the mind of a committed stalwart, who is very strong willed more than most musicians you may know. All questions answered  by Jasmine Poole herself." - IMPOSE MAGAZINE

Brilliant execution, sound and vision.
— Chuck Cleaver of Wussy
Great video, incredible piece of art. I want to watch it again and again. I get the meanings and heartbreak in it, but also the hope as well.
— Jammon Zeiler - Luthier
A beautiful and surprising departure...powerful, simple, intricate and tasteful use of autotune.
— Jeff Kelly

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"Four Letter Word" won 'Best Music Video' at the 2017 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards!

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Wonky Tonk & the Highlife are in the studio working on the Sophomore release : 'Half an Inch of Water'

#loveJohnPrine we are so excited to share it with y'all,

big updates coming SOON!

                 Photo by: Rich Tarbell

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