Lessons & Lovers - OUT NOW!!!           

“Lessons and Lovers is a reminder that through those tough times, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and also a light inside of us.

I’m so happy this record exists. Thank you Wonky Tonk & the High Life for this album Thank you for spreading the message of Lessons and Lovers. Wonk on.” --- CincyMusic

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"Think of David Lynch conducting the Flying Burrito Brothers through a Queen arrangement with Jasmine on top of a 500’ tall parade float made entirely of knotty pine, pink plastic, satin, dirt, and glitter." - Dave Morrison

"Asking me to pick a favorite song would be like asking which child I loved the most. But, gun to my head, I would have to pick “Suitors” with “Stock Market” coming in at a close second. These songs will get stuck in your head, I promise. No matter the feelings her music will invoke, you will end on a happy note. - CincyLocalMusic

Engaging Greater Cincinnati singer/songwriter Wonky Tonk is gearing up for the release of her anticipated new full-length album, Lessons & Lovers, which is due later this year and is the follow-up to her 2015 debut LP, Stuff We Leave Behind.

In advance of the release of the album — credited to Wonky Tonk & The High Life, which features bassist Eric Dietrich and drummer Alessandro Corona — comes the music video for “Lessons,” the penultimate track on Lessons & Lovers.

Like a lot of Wonky Tonk’s material, “Lessons” borrows some tools and tricks from Folk and Country music playbooks and toolkits. But the music is never limited by those facets, boasting a clever experimental slant that gives it its distinctive charm and often an Indie Rock edge.

Think Jenny Lewis by way of Modest Mouse.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 9.01.55 AM.png

Wonky Tonk's music exists entirely in its own universe, though, sounding exactly like exactly no one else.

“Lessons” begins with just guitar and vocals, but as it creeps along, sounds swirl in the background subtly, creating a haunting ambiance. The song builds, sonically and emotionally — Tonk’s voice grows increasingly confident, moving from reflection and melancholy to full-on strength and empowerment, escalating to a refrain of “I’ve got all the love that I need.” In the video description, “Lessons” is described as “a song about self-love, the healing power of love and the light choosing Love brings to even the most mundane.”


Along with her music, Wonky Tonk has a history of great, artistic music videos. “Lessons” see her reteamed with director Dave Morrison, who helmed her clip for “Four Letter Word,” the 2017 Cincinnati Entertainment Award winner for Best Music Video.

The Road.

Nominated for 2019 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards

                                      Folk / Americana

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I left for Ecuador 1/13/20 for a 3-Month WonkAbout at the Equator. I came to look shadows in the face and dance with chaos; Surrender to self-LOVE.


I was set to return on April 12, head west to Wyoming to play with JUSTIN TOWNES EARL, CHARLIE PARR and other big exciting things, release Lessons & Lovers & Wonkalicious Beer on 4/24, and then tour the record until September... it is now 4/25/2020 and I am now a 500hr Certified Yoga teacher quarantined to the Shamanic & Tantric arts school on a mountain made of obsidian nestled between 4 volcanos at the center of the Earth.

Please consider becoming a Patreon to help a Wonk out. The Patreon offers exclusive videos, songs, art, projects, blog, and unreleased magic that help share the adventure that I am on in creations, mind, body and soul. 

Wonky Tonk is a movement.It is music. It is love. It is holding space for vulnerability to be known as strength. It is noticing the half eaten apple shaped like a heart at the base of the Eiffel Tower when everyone else is looking up. It is remembering our bodies and the earth, it is a place where dreams thrive. 

Wonky Tonk is faith that Love Wins.


(Pre-Corona) I tour the country playing tunes at goat farms, in theaters, basements, barrooms and other sanctuaries. Music is the vehicle by which I learn and practice love; The way I remember to dream and to help others remember they are alive and have choice to breath, have choice to love, have choice to dream, to Live.


No stranger to depression and anxiety, I have begun the journey to know myself and to choose life that is Love. This Patreon page is a sharing of all those lessons. 

This will not be shared with the general public as some of this info one must be in a place to receive it. It is special. It is real. It is Wonkvision 2020.