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Resume & Other Experience

While I am not  Wonky Tonk-ing, I work a wide range of freelance jobs related, but not limited to:

Photo and Video Production & Tour Managing/Driving/Selling/VIP Rep.


I often work locally but CAN/WILL travel. 

For Availability: please email or call/text 615-474-2456

2006 to Present I have worked as an independent contractor on many a production (still and motion) primarily in Art Department, but have ample years of experience in Craft Services, Wardrobe, Coordinating, Food Styling Assistant, Stage Hand/Grip/Photo Assistant - Tour Experience with Marc Cohn, 2nd Wind & others.




I trained with Danish boxers, been a kick-boxer for 15 years, and travel around the world as a solo - female musician.  I include this if only to assure you that I am one tough cookie; strong, motivated and committed. I will work at lengths, to the very best of my ability, to kick ass on your project.



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