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Lessons & Lovers

Released 4/24/2020

“All songs on this record are highly personal and not personal at all,” she said. “The album is about feeling lonely and broken and pushed out, but also the self-love and willpower to keep picking up and walking on, again. As a whole, it is the concept of reframing anything that hurts or triggers your heart into a helpful lesson by way of love. I think that this record will appeal to anyone who likes to dance, scream, cry, and breathe.” - Guitar Girl Magazine

Wonky Tonk's latest album, "Lessons & Lovers," could not have come at a more fitting time, with the world upended by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting stress, isolation and depression.

Despite being stranded in Ecuador, unable to return home to the U.S. because of coronavirus-related travel restrictions, the singer/songwriter decided to release "Lessons & Lovers" as originally scheduled. Even though the songs were recorded long before the coronavirus encompassed the world, some of them seem eerily relevant to current events. - Broadway World

Like a lot of Wonky Tonk’s material, “Lessons” borrows some tools and tricks from Folk and Country music playbooks and toolkits. But the music is never limited by those facets, boasting a clever experimental slant that gives it its distinctive charm and often an Indie Rock edge. Think Jenny Lewis by way of Modest Mouse.

Wonky Tonk's music exists entirely in its own universe, though, sounding exactly like exactly no one else. - CityBeat

Love Detox was originally released in 2017 as a 2-song limited 7inch cut by LeestaVall records

Here it is just in time - remastered and re-envisioned just like our world in 2020.
This magical whacky and wonked gem features the incredible talents of the HighLife: Alessandro Corona, Eric Dietrich & Stephan Patota, Frontier Nebraska, Chuck Cleaver (Wussy), Kate Wakefield (Lung), Paul Patterson, Rob McAllister (Dead Man String Band), Kristen Kreft (The Perfect Children), Ricky Nye, Stacey Horan, John Hoffman, and the one and only David Morrison.
This collection is available in all of the digital ether and will be available with extra-special other somethings in September 2020.
I sure hope you enjoy, and always remember:
                                              LOVE WINS.

It’s a jaw-droppingly good gathering of 11 tunes that showcase Wonky Tonk’s gifts as both a wordsmith and a performer. Many of the songs on the first-rate platter reflect her wandering spirit and the life lessons she’s learned on the road. Tracks like “Cleveland,” “Billings, Mt,” “Denmark,” “Tennessee,” “Montague Road” and “Parkland Avenue” are flat-out terrific, and merit multiple spins.

“Stuff We Leave Behind” came together in fits and starts, but the finished product is nothing short of terrific. Here’s hoping that Wonky Tonk continues her delightfully quirky sonic journey … and that we won’t have to wait so long for the next record. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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Business & Pleazure #GrasshopperJuiceRecords

*explicit but GREAT

Wonky Tonk - Get on the Train!


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The Wonky Donkeys!

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That one time my friends and I

tried to win jingle-writing contests

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