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Box Of My Love : Breaking Patterns // Stuff We Let Go Of

Offline, a tribute to those who went to heaven in 2021

On PowerCycles - Disconnect, to reconnect
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LESSONS - Choose Love.

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Engaging Greater Cincinnati singer/songwriter Wonky Tonk is gearing up for the release of her anticipated new full-length album, Lessons & Lovers, which is due later this year and is the follow-up to her 2015 debut LP, Stuff We Leave Behind.

In advance of the release of the album — credited to Wonky Tonk & The High Life, which features bassist Eric Dietrich and drummer Alessandro Corona — comes the music video for “Lessons,” the penultimate track on Lessons & Lovers.

Like a lot of Wonky Tonk’s material, “Lessons” borrows some tools and tricks from Folk and Country music playbooks and toolkits. But the music is never limited by those facets, boasting a clever experimental slant that gives it its distinctive charm and often an Indie Rock edge.

Think Jenny Lewis by way of Modest Mouse.

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Wonky Tonk's music exists entirely in its own universe, though, sounding exactly like exactly no one else.

“Lessons” begins with just guitar and vocals, but as it creeps along, sounds swirl in the background subtly, creating a haunting ambiance. The song builds, sonically and emotionally — Tonk’s voice grows increasingly confident, moving from reflection and melancholy to full-on strength and empowerment, escalating to a refrain of “I’ve got all the love that I need.” In the video description, “Lessons” is described as “a song about self-love, the healing power of love and the light choosing Love brings to even the most mundane.”


Along with her music, Wonky Tonk has a history of great, artistic music videos. “Lessons” see her reteamed with director Dave Morrison, who helmed her clip for “Four Letter Word,” the 2017 Cincinnati Entertainment Award winner for Best Music Video.

WONK ON, a mantra on Grief.

We’re not going to pretend that a band with a name like Wonky Tonk singing a song called ‘Wonk On‘ isn’t likely to provoke thoughts of whimsy and quirkiness – maybe it’ll sound something like Lavender Diamond?  If that is what you have in your head then just forget it.  Well, maybe not completely, there is some quirk,  but don’t let it prevent you from hearing what is a hell of a song.

‘Wonk On‘ comes from the latest album -‘Lessons & Lovers‘  – by Cincinnati,

Ohio-based band Wonky Tonk & the HighLife.  Wonky Tonk – also known as

Jasmine Poole – told us about the song and how it relates to the world right


“‘Lessons & Lovers’ was quietly released during the onslaught of pandemic, and ‘Wonk On’ has been sitting here whispering, “wait, wait … wait until the world is ready.” During this Pandemic I have been quarantined in Ecuador where I uprooted in order to hear my heart better. I have witnessed the world from the center, and my ‘life’ from afar. The fear and anger, denial and depression, of quarantine, of virus, of social unrest, of injustice, of every single part of our ‘concrete’ lives be diminished to sand and beckoning to become a village of sandcastles with acceptance of the newly forged materials; propelling us through grief, rapid-fire, in all aspect of our lives, bodies, minds, spirits and souls. ‘Wonk On’ is the sound of choosing life, choosing love, choosing to move through the grief and learn the lessons; to trust our hearts and what they are singing, to love our bodies and to remember our dreams.”

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"Wonk On" is all about turning yourself around to get away from a relationship but instead of "walk on" it's "wonk on" because it's Wonky Tonk and she does what she wants, and is my contender for uplifting single of the year. 

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DEMOLICIOUS ; a series.

FOUR LETTER WORD, a loss of innocence.

Winner of Cincinnati Entertainment Award for BEST MUSIC VIDEO

I DON'T MIND, void of surrender.

 *Nominated for 2018 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards for Best Music Video

Out of Kentucky, multi-talented singer songwriter Charlene Davis has released her new single/music video “I Don’t Mind”. Wonky Tonk being about 10 years in the making, Davis is constantly on the road touring spreading her music all around the United States with dedicated and unmatched artistic ability. 

                                                                          - IMPOSE MAGAZINE

SUITORS, a conceit about posers.

WASHINGTON AVENUE, perseverance.

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