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Mar 28, 2019


This week's episode we have Northern Kentucky based singer-songwriter Jasmine Poole aka Wonky Tonk. We talk touring, misogyny on the road, Florida man, Cincinnati chili and more. Aaron and Nick go down a rabbit hole comparing Fyre Fest to Woodstock 99 and why the hell they're allowing another Woodstock.  

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Episode Info

Brian and Daniel get a chance to chat with the one and only Wonky Tonk!  Wonky Tonk, as she told us, is more than a person, it is a concept.  Wonky leads us down the rabbit hole of what makes her tick, where she finds inspiration, and what gives her hope for the future.  We hope you enjoy this fantastic conversation!

Wonky just said to Google Wonky Tonk to find her!

You can find us at

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Episode 34 Big Mouth USAWonky Tonk
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BIG MOUTH USA Episode 340

Jul 15, 2017

Wonky Tonk is an Ohio born and bred musician.  She's a rambling sort who has made her home in multiple locals over the years which is reflected in her sound.  We sit down to discuss the 2002 album Sharpen Your Teeth by Ugly Casanova.  It was a pleasure getting to sit down and discuss this record with her.  A one of a kind choice by a one of a kind artist.  Hope you enjoy! As always go listen to the record!!

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