While I am not playing Wonky Tonk, I work a wide range of Freelance jobs related, but not limited to, Photo and Video Production. I often work locally but CAN/WILL travel.

For Availability: please email jpoolewd@gmail.com or call 859.992.2082 

2006 to Present I have worked as an independent contractor on many a production (still and motion) primarily in Art Department, but have ample years of experience in Craft Services, Wardrobe, Coordinating, Food Styling Assistant, Stage Hand/Grip/Photo Assistant.


2012 - BA from Northern Kentucky University  GPA: 3.9
Electronic Media Broadcasting, Political Science, Honors

2009 - College of Design, Art, Architecture and  Planning University of Cincinnati - Digital Design

2008 - Transylvania University - Governor's School for the Arts (architecture)

2002-2006 - Highlands High School GPA: 4.3      

I have a 2017 Nissan NV200 mini cargo van, with removable shelves. This is available for rent; it is also ideal for Art Dept and Crafty jobs.



    Art Department

 See "Examples of Work" below for visuals.

I have worked in the Art Department since as far as I can remember; on music videos, feature films, commercials, catalog and studio shoots.

I have a full art kit as well as a Nissan Nv200 van for rent if needed; Often hired as lead but also can assist.

* Homemade Brand Ice Cream, SuperBowl Spot - Cincinnati Bell, Mike's Car Wash, General Electric, P&G Design Video, Febreeze, Jergens

* Stylist for three years for Amazon and MyHabit, where I learned creativity amidst stark guidelines.

Stylist/Craft Service/Art Department/Production assistant for Grandin Road, Ron Hamilton Photo, Frontgate (Cornerstone Brands) where I honed in-studio skills as well as local location and out of town production obstacles and functions.

*Worked as a production and props assistant for projects like music videos for Death Cab For a Cutie, Feist, Glitch Mob, Blake Shelton, Shawn Mendez & The Get Up Kids.



I have a production kit, knowledge of local crew, call sheet, parking/permits, etc.
-Extremely organized, great at multitasking, thorough and efficient

* Assistant Producer at Ron Hamilton Photo, where I learned to multitask, coordinate crews  and budgets, create schedules and deal with talent/agencies

* Production intern at Lightborne  arranging casting calls, catering, recruiting  shoot  and grip crews, etc.



 Craft Service/Food Stylist Assist

I know how important crafty is to a happy crew and successful production.

In Crafty I strive for:

* Variety (including Vegan/Vegetarian/GF options)
* Display (mobile or studio)
* Efficiency - work with all kinds of budgets.

I have a full Craft Service kit for rent as well as a Nissan Nv200.

Available to work small to large productions, on location or in studio. 

Please email me for rate and availability.

** I also have experience and can be hired as a Food Stylist Assistant (have worked on shoots for Wendy's, Long John Silvers, Bob Evans, Private Selection/Kroger Brands).


  Stage Hands

Work and travel as a musician.  Have worked on and off on sound gigs, often for Bengals Tailgating parties but can work concerts/plays/etc.
- Hard worker, great hustle
- Can carry heavy gear
- Knowledgable on sound and lighting equipment
- Can drive/load/unload vans & trucks of various sizes
- Build stages, set up speakers and other gear



* Have 5 year's experience in basic wardrobe: general shop and fittings on small commercial photo and video shoots.

*Can be wardrobe assistant

*Have small kit for rent

*Experience styling clothes on boards (Amazon, MyHabit, Global Trade Group Tommy Hilfiger)

 Grip / Photo Assistant

Photo Assist/Grip experience: Full Beauty Brands, Amazon, Ron Hamilton Photo, Gary Mitchell Photography, StageHand, small music video projects

- Basic knowledge of lighting, cameras and gear.
- Quick* learner
 - Can carry heavy gear
 - Hustle


Technical Skills

Proficient in and own: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, MacbookPro, Canon Rebel





I have been a kick boxer for 15 years, trained with Danish boxers, and travel around the world as a solo - female musician.  I include this info and this Rosie The Riveter photo to assure you that I am one tough cookie, strong, motivated and committed. I will work at lengths, to the very best of my ability, to kick ass on your project.


Additional Experience :


  • Production
  • Worked as a production and props assistant for MTV projects like music videos for Death Cab For a Cutie, Atmosphere & The Get Up Kids.
  • Practiced aesthetics and design on numerous Cincinnati Bell, Greater’s, and P&G commercials working as a set designer, purchasing and propping the set.
  • Catering skills with craft service, mobile food on a budget with emphasis on variety and display;. Food keeps people happy and working.
  • Worked for Children’s Hunger Alliance, teaching a nutrition/community garden after school program in low income neighborhoods



  • Music Marketing/Promotion
    • Acted as the director of marketing, public relations, and web-development for The Whispering Beard Folk Festival.
    • Performed music locally, regionally, and internationally; booked and hosted many touring bands. In doing so I have come to understand that is imperative as a musician to understand and cater to your listeners to maintain success.



  • Computer
  • Knowledge of Adobe products, I use Photoshop and Illustrator to design Music posters for local artists and all of web content for The Whispering Beard Folk Festival & Wonky Tonk.
  • Skilled in Final Cut Pro, Garageband, and a quick learner to any related video/audio programs.



  • Outdoor
  • Four years of servant camp work in Indiana including:
    • working at various nursing homes: playing board games, serving food, reading books
    • installing windows, repairing roofs, redoing hardwood floors, clearing trails, planting gardens, prepared foundations, built small cabins and bunks
  • Two years clearing campgrounds, building stages and signs,  and outdoor event  organization for The Whispering Beard Folk Festival
  • Volunteer work
    • Preparing and serving food to the homeless as places like the HOSEA House and Cincinnati Drop In Center.
    • Interned and then volunteered at NPR affiliate, WNKU, aiding in volunteer activities, remote broadcasts,  recording and editing interviews
  • 12 months working with Americorps/Montana Conservation Corps
    • Building and maintaining trail in National Forests and Parks, weatherization, long term backcountry camping, packing in horses, sprayed noxious weeds
  • Worked for 6 months through AmeriCorps for Children’s Hunger Alliance, providing health and phys ed classes to schools in low income neighborhoods 
  • Worked with various  “backyard makeover” companies with elements of landscaping
  • Built and maintained raised bed gardens in urban settings

 * Cook & Server at Betty Bar (OH) and Zola (KY) . * Michael Baranowski, Personal Assistant  
 * Habanero; Burrito Artist . *Awakenings; Barista  * Arnold’s Bar & Grille; Server's Assistant
 * The Ballgame Bar and Grille; Waitress/busser/dishwasher  
 * National Legal Professional Associates;  file/mail clerk     



  • Activities:
  •  Local Music:     Wonky Tonk, Personal Music Project.  

                                              Web-development and Marketing for The  Whispering Beard Folk Festival.

  • Studied Abroad at Aarhus School of Business in Denmark in Spring 2010.
  • Traveled and toured (musically) Europe for 6 months in 2010.
  • Various Film/Photo projects
  • Snowboarding & Kickboxing


References:         *Scott Fredette; Director of Photography/Editor      *  Dr. Michael Baranowski; PSC Professor   scott@light-borne.com                                  baranowskim@nku.edu
            *Laura Linville; Set Designer                        * Jeffrey Brandt; Defense Attorney
      Laurar4@mac.com                                       jbrandt@robinsonbrandt.com