"Lost is a Place."


This blog is again brought to you by Green Sage Cafe in Asheville - I am always one to try something new every day, even for simple novelty, but this place has me coming back for Wi-fi, great Vegan (and Animal) food, juices and smoothies, and the customer service feels like I am right home at Grandma Wonk's house. Plus, I love happy accidents; they seat you with these letters and an animal illustration that (besides the opossum) do not coincide with their names. The whole alphabet is out there, the opposum found me both times :) .

 Vegan biscuit with mushroom gravy, tempeh sausage (with anise, and spicy!) and of course a touch of Cholula.

Vegan biscuit with mushroom gravy, tempeh sausage (with anise, and spicy!) and of course a touch of Cholula.

Yesterday it was sunny and 50 degrees in Asheville so I decided to take a Hike. Literally.

Practicing mindfulness, getting my cardio in and talking to the water and trees, Craven Gap was a much needed adventure. 2/8/18 also marked the day that my musical and soul inspiration, Mr.  announced his first album in 13 years, The Tree of Forgiveness - thus the nature selfie.

I worked up an appetite on that incredible 6k hike through the mountains so I searched "vegan" via the YELP and found myself at Rosetta's Kitchen where Peter Pan served me a delicious vegan sweet potato and kale soup and looked into my soul . Rosetta's Kitchen is an incredible restaurant & bar on a super cool strip with much to check out. The cocktail and Kombucha menu is quite gorgeous. The staff is comprised of mostly young adults who embody the OG Woke movement with pretty hip wit - i.e. one of their specials that day was "Fritter Sweet Symphony..." sounded incredible and gave me a chuckle. Plus this was a bathroom graffiti that made me miss my kick ass band, The Highlife:


It was nice to be back in a town that is aligned with my energy. The night prior I played in Clayton, GA and while the people were kind and I am so thankful for the experience, our energies were not compatible. In those moments I try to learn a lesson. I think the lesson for that evening was, play through and with passion for yourself and for the journey and for your art. While I am sharing art, it is not meaningless if it is not received, it is a learning and growing experience that helps me to love myself and my craft.

Reminiscent of Super Happy Fun Land in Houston, TX, Rakes End in Cincinnati, OH and Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn, NY  - all three now closed after a long run of representing Weird at it's finest- Sly Grog Lounge in Asheville, NC now carries the torch and the fire is raging. It was a true honor to play at this venue, which has had a slow evolution and is now in full swing with board games, arcade games, various novelties, ping pong, delicious Empanadas, and a vintagey store downstairs. The sound man Mike and bartender Amy were top notch and quite friendly, as was the audience. If you live in or are just visiting Asheville and you need a dose of weird, good music and tasty empanadas you should find yourself saying (and doing)  "I WANT TO GO TO THERE." - Thanks Liz Lemon.


Beyond the venue itself, the music was exceptional. Asheville is known for its magnetic and pristine community, attracting souls from all over the world.

Mt Sullivan, traveled all over the nation playing her banjo and loving Doc Watson until she found her home in Asheville. In tune with her soul and the Universe, MT loves walking and sings (with a style congruent to Devendra Banhart) about the beauty in All the Things.

Eggshell Emily is originally Brooklyn, NY and serendipitously best friends with some of my very best friends who reside in Saint Louis. With her incredible voice and humor, she sings songs inspired by Conor Oberst, Jenny Lewis and scrap-booking.

Gypsy & Me are from Tampa and Jacksonville, FL - real estate photographers who found love for each other and moved up to Brevard after a hike and now ramble together singing punk inspired country tunes.

Snip-its from my Iphone are below, check 'em out!

I learned all these stories in the mere hours we shared together. What an honor to share and be be Understood. Thank you Asheville.


After the show, I used Priceline to get a cheap hotel; the Quality Inn at 180 Tunnel Road, room 124 did not have a Bible so I left my #whereintheworldiswonk in the picture Bible in the night stand drawer.

And though I explored extensively on Monday, I did not see this textural gem until today:


Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 1.13.05 PM.png