Wonky love from The Daily Times Weekend Section

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The Daily Times Weekend section·Monday, 5 February 2018


Wonky Tonk

About a year ago, we told you about Jasmine Poole, the singer-songwriter who performs as the whimsical stage muse known as Wonky Tonk. Her music is informed by the songwriting of John Prine, a troubadour she adores, and the punk rock introduced to her by her father. She started performing as Wonky Tonk, she said, as a way to overcome crippling shyness. She’s not a character so much as an extension of Poole’s own persona as filtered through cowgirl boots, crinoline skirts and a girlish naiveté that stands in stark juxtaposition to the songs about drinking and loving that she croons with a beauty that’s earned her comparisons to both Jenny Lewis and Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel. “Wonky Tonk turned into this thing where I was tired of not being able to talk to anybody, so I said, ‘I’ll just write some songs and put them on CDs, and people will come talk to me,’” she told us. “It’s been growing and growing and growing, and I just give back what people seek. Wonky Tonk is a character in the way that I’m really attentive to people’s energies and what they’re lacking and what they desire, and I really try to do what I can to become that for them.” Go check her out at 10 tonight at Preservation Pub, 28 Market Square in downtown Knoxville; admission is only $3.