"Hello Heartache, Welcome Home."


The Long  Road "Home." - NC, VA, WV, KY

 'Camp' in Covingtonky

'Camp' in Covingtonky

"The purpose of life is to know yourself and love yourself, trust yourself and be yourself." - a tea bag

Well, back in the KY - for now... Just in time for a Wonk's favorite holiday.

If you are in Cincinnati for this corporate misunderstanding of "Love," come join Wonky Tonk & The Highlife and Busman's Holiday (IN) at MOTR Pub on 2/14.

 Photo by Rich Tarbell/Kool Booth

Photo by Rich Tarbell/Kool Booth

Thank you to Local 506 in Chapel, Hill for being host to the last show on this Wonky expedition. A super neat venue, with a kick ass sound man Rob, a fancy spectacled and super-kind door man and a babely 'n bodacious  bartender Melissa who plays multiple instruments & in many musical projects (check out Trailer Bride).

Go to Local 506 for music, go there for friends, go there for your soul. Plus, the staff is incredible and it is situated between two delicious Indian Restaurants. (There is a sweet deal of a Groupon for Mint, go. Now!)



My first time in Chapel Hill was playing at a kick ass venue called The Cave, where I am informed by an awesome photographer, that an awesome musician - Sarah Shook - slings dranks. There I met a fella named Mike Cole. Not only has Mike attended  many a show (music is the great emulsifier), he has become a dear friend, and has finished a super cool project which is fun art and benefits a local charity. Check it out HERE.


I got to meet two great musicians on Friday:

Nick Shananan - a man who quietly blends Ryan Bingham and Willie Nelson with a love of George Jones and makes it totally his own; One of the best songwriters I have had the pleasure of meeting...he even played me some John Prine! He has an EP called " Hello Heartache, Welcome Home" - check it out.

And Zach Gregory, front man of The Antique Hearts from Raliegh. They are masters at fusing rock 'n roll, pop punk and country mentalities. Sometimes ethereal, sometimes rockin' amidst lyrics that are so simple they are deep and others that just drive into your heart.


I often am an island: traveling hundreds of miles solo, playing 3 hour sets, alone...which does wonders for my crippling shyness (jest). So when I get to share the stage with folks, I remember WHY I listened to that discounted Tarot card reader, gave up all I know and traded it for tunes and the road. Thank you Nick and Zach.

"Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

#whereintheworldiswonk #extendedstayamerica #hotellife

 Wonky Lampshiz - Business & Pleazure

Wonky Lampshiz - Business & Pleazure

Tour was incredible, thank you to all the venues, bands and fine people of Lexington, Ky - Knoxville, TN - Black Mountain, NC - Clayton, GA - Asheville, NC and Chapel Hill, NC.

If you have not already please check out the creations and journeys of Logan Fox, Lost Dog Street Band, Carrie Spaulding, M.T. Sullivan, Eggshell Emily, Gypsy & Me, The Antique Hearts and Nick Shananan.


Much love to you all, see y'all down the road.